Since its foundation the firm has grown steadily, and is now a leading law firm highly active at both national and international level and employing about ten attorneys.

Based in Lugano, which is in the canton of Ticino (in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland) and Switzerland’s third most important financial center, it is geographically close to Northern Italy, a region among Europe’s wealthiest and most dynamic for industry and commerce. In addition, Lugano stands on one of Europe’s main north-south traffic routes.

This favorable geographical situation and the multilingual skills of its attorneys (Italian, German, French and English) place the firm in an ideal position to play a leading role, especially in matters involving Switzerland and Italy.
The firm can offer national and international clients a wide range of services in many different areas of legal practice.


04.11.2017 - BANKING OBSERVATORY (Tribune de Genève/24heures)
Bernasconi Paolo, various articles published monthly in Tribune de Genève/24heures (from October 2015 to November 2017) (only in French)
03.11.2017 - Nuovi grattacapi per le autorità statali: mancano gli strumenti operativi e di controllo
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in Corriere del Ticino, 3 November 2017, pages 26-27 (only in Italian)
23.09.2017 - Fiscalità internazionale tra sinergie e legalità
 Bernasconi Paolo, article published on 23 September 2017 in Corriere del Ticino, p. 4 (only in Italian)
06.07.2017 - La piazza finanziaria e la vigilanza light
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in Corriere del Ticino on 7 July 2017, page 2 (only in Italian)  
19.04.2017 - Trust interno svizzero, bisogna agire in fretta
 Bernasconi Paolo, article published in Corriere del Ticino on 19 April 2017, page 4 (only in Italian)
Iniziative contro l'evasione fiscale in Svizzera e all'estero - NEWSLETTER FISCALE INTERNAZIONALE (Paolo Bernasconi), updated 18 April 2017 (only in Italian)
14.02.2017 - La Svizzera chiede la residenza
Article by Giorgia Pacione Di Bello published on 14.2.2017 in ItaliaOggi concerning Prof. Paolo Bernasconi's contribution in occasion of the conference "Voluntary Disclosure 2.0 e scambi di informaziioni fiscali" held in Milan on 13.2.2017&..
18.01.2017 - Novità nella cooperazione internazionale di rilevanza fiscale - Il modello svizzero
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in Voluntary Disclosure 2.0, Guida operativa. Le novità della proroga dei termini, edited by Il Sole 24 Ore (in cooperation with Unione Fiduciaria), January 2017, p. 92-104 (only in Italian)
03.12.2016 - Fisco internazionale: la rivoluzione del '17
Bernasconi Paolo, article published in: Corriere del Ticino, 3 December 2016, page 3 (only in Italian)
21.11.2016 - I sigilli nella cooperazione internazionale in materia penale: analogie dalla procedura penale
Bernasconi Paolo / Schürch Simone, article published in: Rivista ticinese di diritto II-2016 (RtiD), Bellinzona/Basel, p. 381-395 (only in Italian)


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P.O.Box 5271
6901 Lugano

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